Thursday, September 7, 2017

"On The Books" Talks Dragon Awards & Indie Publishing

The Dragon Awards got announced and handed out last weekend at Dragon Con. While previous winner Brian Niemeier didn't win again this year, he's hardly broken up about it, and explains why here. He spent this week's episode of Geek Gab: On The Books talking about that with another nominee: Daniel Humphreys, author of A Place Outside the Wild. Settle in and take a listen over your lunch break.

If there is one consistent theme to a lot of Brian's posts at his blog, and his episodes of this podcast, is that the old model that the Big 5 and their London counterparts built into massive corporate empires is not only decaying, it's collapsing and there is no future in it for most authors- no matter if they have a contract or not.

Furthermore, the attempt by the SJWs dominating SF/F publishing to control the narrative concerning their control through the Hugos is also collapsing. The Dragons' second year makes it crystal clear that the Hugos are not relevant, do not give voice to the fans, and has no business purporting itself to be a marker of quality. The fans came out big for the Dragons this year, and they will come out even bigger next year. The SJWs can't get more than half of the votes in a single Dragon's category to vote at all; they're done, and the smarter ones know it.

The business is changing, and the fact is now becoming obvious to the unobservant. Time to seize the future for ourselves.

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