Saturday, December 15, 2018

Book Update

Since I got hammered by the Martian Death Flu, I've been hustling to finish the edit on the manuscript. To ensure that I hit my deadlines, larger and more elaborate plans to do so had to be abandoned in favor of focusing on the core problems and fixing them in the most direct manner possible. The ending is different now, being more of a crowd-pleaser and the original idea pushed off to Book Two. Several more characters have been removed, combined, or had their plot arcs cut short. Formatting for clarity is all over the place, and I'm doing my best to ensure good grammar.

Related: I have my cover. With that anxiety sorted, I can focus on finishing the manuscript. If I can keep up my present pace, I will have it in formatting next weekend and backers will get their ebooks a week or so after that. I will meet the deadline, barely.