Friday, October 12, 2018

The Business: Arkhaven's Deplatforming & Reasonable Reactions Thereto

Last night, Indiegogo deplatformed Arkhaven Comics mere hours after founder Vox Day appeared in an interview at Bleeding Cool. Cirsova Magazine had one of the reasonable reactions to this development.

The brief Twitter thread goes on to say that Cirsova is in a position where they don't need to rely on crowdfunding, but instead use it to make an event of the matter, and as such are able to walk away from Indiegogo as well as Kickstarter unless and until these abuses cease and desist. (Which is not likely, as both of these platforms are SJW-amenable if not converged.)

This would not be worthy of a post here, as a business post, if not for the fact that there is not a SJW-hostile competitor platform. Stripe (a payment processor) deplatformed Freestartr (where I formerly had an account) earlier this year, forcing the business to shut down; this is now the current line of defense used by the SJWs to kill competition to platforms/publishers/etc. that they control, with a further one (the banks and credit card companies themselves) being set up for when government action inevitably shuts this method down.

Bleeding Cool has already thrown the interview (and its writer) under the bus and thus knuckled under to the SJW Swarm Attack. They are #FakeNews, and will be treated accordingly hereafter. As for Indiegogo, I'm sufficiently under their radar that I can continue operating there until another Freestartr appears (at which time I'll move operations there), and once I get #StarKnight going I want to get the momentum moving such that I won't need to crowdfund at all a year from now; until then, I have to make do with the compromised options that there are, which means that I may have to consider doing some very old-school things like reminding people that snail-mailing Cashier's Checks by Certified Mail is still a thing.

So I am going to keep an eye on what Vox Day does about this, especially if it results in a bulletproof successor to Freestartr.