Friday, January 22, 2016

Writer's Development: Curating Good Resources

I am not some omni-competent super-genius. That means that there are people out there who know more than I do about this thing, or that thing, or the other stuff. I'm fine with this; it means that I can rely on those others to handle things that I either lack the talent or the drive to make myself competent at the hard way. I rely on my skill at discerning good from bad sources,

When it comes to writing and publishing, this means I keep an eye out for people and places possessing (by demonstration) that very thing I seek. I've added a Blogroll widget to the sidebar, and that will feature the writing/publishing blogs I find as I come across them. In addition, I will publishing recommended resources here with an eye towards likely applications for a writer. I welcome others leaving their recommendations (and if you do, tell me why when you do) in the Comments below this or any future related post.

I am glad to find that, whatever our beliefs, writers on the whole really do want to spread the knowledge of the craft far and wide; we want all people who wish to become better writers to have the means to do so. This will be the start of my reciprocation of this trend, as a demonstration of my gratitude--paying it forward, if you like--and a welcoming of association on common grounds that are actionable and reasonable.

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