Friday, January 1, 2016

Walker's Study and the Plan for 2016

Formerly, this was Corinth's Consolidated Chronicles, a blog where I wrote original serial fiction. During those years, I developed what first was a Future History continuity. In later years, this went into a Hidden Present and hinted at a Hidden Past that linked to the Future History. I intended from the start to take what I did and make it into something worthy of another man's hard-earned currency, and I began that transition last year. As such, it was time for this outlet to undergo a change, and a change in focus requires a change in name.

Walker's Study is the new forum for my writing about writing, both fiction and non-fiction. The stories will remain as an archive; I will put a Chronicles link above presently and put links to the first part of every story there. I will post no less than once a week, and more than that as I see fit. In part, this is a means to make myself accountable to myself (as Odin sacrificed himself to himself, hopefully without the piercing and the near-death); in part this is to keep you, those who are interested, in the loop.

So, there is a plan.

The plan this year is to finish two novels of speculative fiction and publish them. I intend to go through Amazon, so epub via Kindle and print (POD) via Createspace. I will need help when it comes to a cover, as I'm doing this in the most do-it-yourself manner possible. I also plan to put in work on two more novels of that sort (intended for publishing in 2017), and start work on my first non-fiction piece (which I also want to put out in 2017). One or more shorts may be revised, cleaned up, and published independently if I have time and resources.

The first of these novels is The Burning of Hugo, which I will devote a future post to; I will do the same for each in turn as I see fit to give a dedicated post to it. However, in the immediate term, there will be posts acting as a catchup on the overall milieu for new folks; this too will have a specific link when finished for ease of use.

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