Friday, June 6, 2014

Tom and The Wizard-10

"Everyone's strapped in, Thomas." The Wizard said, "Let's go."

Tom smiled as he took the capture Nazi saucer back into the air and away from the Nazi base, and his smile widened as he saw it explode behind him. Longfellow's men sat across from the two captured officers, and they too smiled wide with satisfaction. The return to Longfellow Hold was without incident, and they returned to a warm and cheerful welcome. Prisoners in hand, the winning team held a banquet to celebrate; later that night, in Longfellow's chambers, Tom and the Wizard talked with him about the fate of their prizes.

"You wish to bring them to the surface?" Longfellow said.

"Yes." The Wizard said, "The general is still wanted for his actions during the war. The major is his subordinate, and therefore just as guilty as an accessory after the fact. There is still a warrant for the general's arrest, albeit not as well known these days."

Longfellow sighed. "I would prefer to pass judgement myself."

"Of course you would, old friend." The Wizard said, "Were there not over sixty million souls, and their families, on the surface already claiming these prisoners on prior crimes then I would gladly comply."

"You know," Tom said, "chances are good that whomever takes custody of these Nazis will be willing to accept written testimony on their activities here."

"Which means that the authorities are not part of what the surface populations perceive as the whole of their existence." Longfellow said, "A hidden court, with no means for effective accountability, is disquieting."

"Imperfect, deeply so." The Wizard said, "But the justice that awaits there is far greater than what you command, old friend, and I know that you wish greatly for them to face the full truth of their actions. Thomas is correct in advising you to add what you can to the charges against them; I assure you that your words shall not only be heard, but heeded, and taken seriously."

Longfellow nodded. "Very well."

Longfellow dictated the trials of his people, recording them for the authorities to hear, that night.

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