Friday, June 27, 2014

Administration Q2 for 2014

We are now halfway through 2014.

The analytics for this 'blog remain consistant and constant; most of my audience is in the Anglosphere, followed by English-reading people in Russia. There is a long-tail effect, meaning that the value of my stories grows over time because it is not subject to the usual bias towards novelty and the new that I see in my 'blogs where I deal in either political philosophy or talk about other things of a more ephemeral nature. Stories, on the other hand, by being little or not sensitive to the demand of immediacy allows readers to come back time and again to read what they want as they choose.

So, at the risk of being boring, the conclusion is simple: maintain course.

There will be two more serials for this year, one per quarter. I will begin the Q3 serial next week, but I warn you now that next Friday is also during CONvergence, where I will be in attendance through Sunday of next weekend. Therefore, that first post may be delayed until Sunday; I will attempt to get it up at the usual time, but because the convention's events may produce emergent results that get in the way of that. Q4 begins at the end of September, as the heat of Summer dissipates swiftly and the onset of Autumn rushes upon us, and expect our end-of-year Administration post on Boxing Day in December (as that is the last Friday of 2014).

I will not announce the stories now. Better that you be surprised. I am grateful to all of you who read my work, however good or not they are in quality, and I hope that you would follow me as I attempt a transition to writing novels. I wrote my first one in 2006 for National Novel Writer's Month just to prove to myself that I could do it; a hard drive crash destroyed that one. I wrote my second to prove that I could do it again in the Spring leading up to CONvergence two years ago; I have yet to publish that one, as it is in dire need of a wholesale rewrite. I've since continued to hone my craft, and now I am ready to write a third one; this will continue to take up more of my time through the rest of the year, first in the drafting and then in revision prior to seeking publication.

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