Friday, May 30, 2014

Tom and The Wizard-09

"Did it ever occur to you that they're tracking our progress by the security sensors we destroy?" Longfellow said between explosions.

"Counting on it, actually." Tom said, blasting another Nazi stormtrooper in the face, "It's what makes them so predictable."

"See?" The Wizard said as he rapped Tom's head, "Not all air and rocks in there after all."

Tom, Longfellow, and the Wizard led their team through the Nazi base at a slow, slogging rate. The Nazis attempted multiple times to capture them in cross-fires, only to be met with bursts of overwhelming firepower and thus fried to a man where they stood. It soon became clear to the defending leaders that this was not the work of incompetent, but overconfident, lucky fool armed with far too much firepower. Rather, it was the deliberate plan of a ruthless invader to divide the defending forces, cut them down like wheat to a thresher, and thereby annihilate them to a man. This was the intentional extermination of every last Nazi in that base.

"42!" Tom said, as he shot down one who attempted a knife attack upon him.

Longfellow shot three down with one shot, as they were all in a line against him. "45!"

"Come now!" The Wizard said, "This is war, not sport." Then he waved his hand blindly behind him and two stormtroopers about to launch a rocket at them got tossed to the far wall, and when the launcher landed on the floor it had flipped end-over-end and blew those Nazis to bits as well as blowing a hole in the wall.

The Wizard looked over his shoulder. "Well, even war has his comic absurdities."

Not that the Wizard, Tom, or Longfellow cared because no one cares about the lives of Nazis- not even other Nazis.

Meanwhile, the fighting progressed as Tom and company proceeded to sweep, clear, and sanitize every last bit of the base. They swept around in a clockwise--more or less--fashion, leaving devastation in their wake as they deliberately bled the supply of resistors dry. By the time that they blew up the armory, the barracks, the infirmary, and the galley there was precious little left to blow up, so they headed to the secure center of the base where they knew that--trapped as they should be--the leadership of this little Nazi nest could not escape from, but only watch in increasing horror as they advanced upon them.

"This is going better than expected." Longfellow said.

"Don't jinx it!" Tom said and then the men finished blasted the doors off.

The doors fell away with a weighty crash, and in they went blasters blazing. The few armed men inside quickly went down, unable to make any meaningful hits in return, just the two senior officers remained.

"I recognize you, Wizard." the General said, "I knew this day would come."

"Indeed." The Wizard said, and with a wave of his hand both the General and the Major spoke no more. Rendered mute by means not known to anyone else, the Wizard smiled. "No monologuing for you."

"Well, Longfellow." Tom said, "This is it now. They're done. What shall be done with these senior Nazis?"

"Gentlemen," The Wizard said, "if I may, I suggest remanding these two to my custody. The General is still known, albeit said in the past tense, to the surface. Let him meet his end in an Israeli courtroom. As for the Major, he is the General's immediate subordinate and should likewise stand trial."

Tom chuckled. "The Israelis? That's not a trial. That's a history lesson, followed by an execution."

Longfellow nodded. "Indeed. Summary execution now is more merciful."

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