Friday, May 2, 2014

Tom and the Wizard-05

"You're certain that he's just your standard Nazi ideologue, but super-powered?" Tom said as he and the Wizard entered the commons of Longfellow Hold.

"Pretty much." The Wizard said as he hailed Longfellow.

Tom took in the sight of Longfellow and a dozen men like him--fit, athletic ginger men of indeterminate age with eyes of brilliant emerald--arrayed for battle and being fitted by the hold's women into their armor. He then noticed a pair of suits and attending women.

"For us, I presume?" Tom said and Longfellow confirmed with a nod.

The two of them wasted no time on it; they walked over and let the ladies do their work. Stripped to undershirts first, and then pieces are strapped to their body from the legs up, before handing them their helms and expecting them to be worn. Then, at the last, they don their gear--both what they wore and what Longfellow got for them--and now they are arrayed for battle. Armored, armed, and ready for their damn fool idealistic crusade.

Longfellow and his men approached. "General," Longfellow said as he addressed Tom, "we await your orders."

Tom smiled. "Move out." he said, "We've got a world to save, and some Nazis to smash!"

Longfellow smiled, and the men soon followed. Together, that band of 15 men-at-arms departed from Longfellow Hold and marched into the Hollow Earth.

* * * * *

"That's different." Tom said as he watched a flight of Nazi saucers fly by overhead, "They're flying in force, and formation, now?"

Longfellow nodded. "They must have noticed that the hold moved again."

"They must have been about to assault it then." The Wizard said, "Tom, I think we should check our beacons."

Tom looked at the Wizard for a moment, and then the man's meaning became clear. "Beacon check." he said, "Nod only." One by one, the men nodded that their beacon functioned properly and awaited transmission of return coordinates.

"Pretty spiffy." Tom said, "A mobile fortress. That explains a lot right there."

Longfellow smiled, hearing the comment. "General, shall we do the obvious thing?"

"It's what our enemy, being too clever, would not expect." The Wizard said.

"Agreed." Tom said, "We'll wait for the flight to break up and spread out to cover ground. Then we ambush one of them."

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