Saturday, April 28, 2012


This was no attempt at infiltration. This was outright invasion, sudden and brutal, with not one fuck given about consequences or casualties. The remnants of the three criminal organizations, and all of their remaining associates, that could not escape banded together into a single horde and laid waste to law enforcement and citizen militias alike as they advanced on the colony to take revenge upon the men that ruined them.

Ken, Reginald, the Sheriff and all of their faction knew that this last remnant was on their way. They got the word out to the rest of the county, and ensured that only those willing to fight stayed- and made certain that those willing to fight were ready to die. Tracking the carnage left in the gangsters’ wake, Ken and his allies quickly gauged the time to contact at one day. Once they got word of the gang breaking through several state-level attempts to stop them, the call to quarters went out and all of the county took up arms.

The gangsters managed to endure more or less intact, so they hit the county like a hurricane. No one got spared. The men that opposed them got butchered like cattle. Homes got breached, all inside slaughtered, all valuables and provisions looted and the rest put to the torch. As flames rose like pillars, more and more men of the county converged upon them. Each fight likewise ended in blood and bone splattered across the lake country about them, but each fight also slowed them down and bought time for the rest. Soon enough, more than one group attacked at the same time. Then another piled on, and then another, until the movement slowed enough for a final countermeasure to be used.

Guiscard took to the air, following the radio reports and the visual aides to quickly race to the scene. He dove upon the gangsters and strafed them with machinegun and cannon fire, annihilating those too slow and scattering the rest. While Guiscard harassed the gangsters from the sky, the Sheriff and Ken split up and tracked the broken gangster horde on the group. Reginald coordinated efforts as best he could from his home, where the three of them (and Kathy) agreed would be least likely to get attacked due to the opposition not figuring on a private home being Command & Control.

The action in the county soon turned into a repeat of the James-Younger Gang’s raid upon Northfield, Minnesota during the waning days of the Old West, only much meaner. The gangsters that yet endured now took to ambushing militiamen and deputies rescuing their wounded comrades. They did so knowing full well that the manpower siphoned away to deal with casualties would exacerbate by doing so, making it far more likely that they could maneuver freely due to a reduced pursuit force.

But first, they had to deal with that damned attack plane.

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