Friday, April 6, 2012


At the county hospital, Ken shoved Martin in a chair next to the secured bed where the last hitman now lay chained in placed. Ken then took a photo—using Martin’s camera—and uploaded it to Reddit with the caption “Two captured spies and assassins, so far. Your move- bring it.”

The Internet exploded. The media—traditional and alternative—exploded. Ken followed this photo up with a length go at Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” subforum, wherein Ken spilled the beans on the entire episode—how it got started, what’s at stake, who’s fucking with them and why—and made no bones that he and the others have just plain shot dead a lot of the attackers when they fought them.

The state and Federal government of the United States flipped their collective shit, as did many other governments—great and small—across the globe. Attention, already constant, became laser-like in focus as Ken and his allies aggressive seized control of the media technology at hand and told their own stories. They uploaded to multiple sites videos explaining what’s gone on, exposing the hidden hands behind events, and successfully circumventing the freak-out reactions of the Syndicate, the Zetas, the Angels and even the corrupt Intelligence community that uses them all.

Ken appeared on InfoWars, the Corbett Report, Global Research, RT, PressTV, BoilingFrogsPost, Freedomain Radio, Media Monarchy and so many, many more independent or alternative outlets out there. They produced sworn confessions, sworn affidavits, presentations of evidence and so much more that they aired or published online for all who seek to see for themselves to do so with ease. Exposed, exposed, exposed- all of the truth, exposed.

In the quiet, secluded offices of a high-rise hotel somewhere in Seattle the leaders of the four parties concerned met face-to-face. Concerned, they talked in hushed tones and referred to each other by pseudonyms lest the staff figure out who they really are. They noted, over lunch and drinks, that the media mainstream are acting as the long-established structure is intended to—to confined opinion, to deride what is not permitted—but there is nothing that can be done about the Internet and alternative media without using government power as a blatant sledgehammer.

The three of them discussed details for hours, but concurred immediately on the solution: that Ken and his allies had made it impossible to deal with this matter in the expected manner, that they had to call upon failsafes that none of them expected to ever need. The handler excused himself and made a phonecall, and said just one thing: “They are in place. We are go.”

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