Saturday, April 14, 2012


The first sign that Ken’s online antics had their intended effect came when all of the county’s telecommunications got cut off without warning. The Sheriff, wisely, took a few deputies out to the nearest Comcast office and had a discussion with the manager.

“You got an order from the Feds?” he said.


“That’s nice. I’m the Sheriff, and I am the top lawman here. They did this without my say-so, so this order is null and void. Turn it on, now.”


“The Feds want something done in my county? They deal with me. Got that?”

“So, I refer them to you?”

“You got it, and if Corporate screwed with you then you tell them that we had this talk- and I’d hate to have to bring charges against the corporation for interfering with the lawful operations of government.”

The manager nodded, and within moments most telecommunications got restored- with a free month’s credit added to all accounts. The Sheriff repeated this conversation with the local radio and TV stations, and then he got on the air and exposed this for all to see and hear.

The Sheriff then drafted letters to all of the county’s utilities stating, on the record, what the law was and what to do if similar State or Federal agents gave such orders to them. The State and Federal governments responded by filing suit in their respective courts, but The Sheriff had a good relationship with the county’s attorneys and let them handle the matter- which led, within a month, to both State and Federal suits being thrown out: The Sheriff’s statement of his position within the county, as both the State and the Feds found out, is correct.

The interests in both governments, embarrassed, now retaliated—through the handler—with letting the Syndicate and the Zetas collaborate with the full-scale failsafe that they decided on in their Seattle meeting: a full-scale terror campaign. In other words, a false flag terrorist attack. Ken, ever alert, met with Reginald and The Sheriff at Guiscard’s bar where the three of them met in the back with the old Legionnaire.

“We’re making them look bad.” Ken said, “Worse than any of them have seen ever.”

“You’ve made American foreign policy more difficult.” Guiscard said, “That’s unforgivable.”

“Indeed.” Reginald said, “Your anarchism is showing.”

The Sheriff finished his beer. “It’s long overdue. Lots of wolves as you get higher up the ladder, and fewer sheepdogs.”

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