Friday, December 31, 2010

Preview: The Promises We Keep

"The Promises We Keep" is a story written in the first person by the protagonist, using the device that the story is actually a very lengthy memoir or journal written with an undefined future audience in mind. The protagonist is not entirely reliable in terms of being a narrator.

The story tells of the episode that broke Ken from the society wherein he emerged and came of age, where he rejects the dogma of the society in favor of the natural law that the artificial society rests upon (and suppresses) and becomes the proto-form of the man that fathered a new strain of Man after the Azure Flames. The key theme here is that the Old World was a decadent, inhuman and parasitic entity that successfully deceived the people into becoming sycophants that hate themselves, their fellow men and the very natural world in favor of the gilded cage that the Old World used to entrap Mankind.

And yes, Ken is a dick. You've been warned.

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