Thursday, December 2, 2010

End of 2010, Part 1

That concludes this year's serialization of original fiction for the Chronicles.

Some of it was far better than others. Some of it I will never want to touch again. Such is life in fiction writing.

I will, in the remaining weeks of the year, go over what I want to do with this blog in 2011. Contradictions with earlier posts means, as one ought to expect, a change of plan.

If you're still reading, I thank you. If you're still reading come 2011, I really thank you (and ask that you donate; it will help down the road).

If there is any story that you would like to see revised, rewritten and made to suck less (i.e. brought up to a professional standard, and thus worthy of--say--making a Kickstarter project out of it so I can afford to do it), comment below. Otherwise, I'm just going to keep doing whatever it is I want to do at the time.

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