Friday, May 14, 2010

Nearing the One Year Mark-Part 2

This week, I talk about things to come and how you're going to see them.

This review series of posts will run throughout May, which means that there will be no story posts until June. That doesn't mean that you should not be reading; you want to see what's coming for the Chronicles. In addition to previews of what I'm working on for this 'blog, I'll also go about how I'm going to expand what's been done so far into new avenues.

Let's start with the stories serialized here to date. While I'm going to revisit "Stalker" first, all of them will be revisited in due course and collected into single manuscripts. Once collected, they will be revised and eventually re-published as single books or booklets; I will post links here to where you can download them. That, however, is not the end of it; I want to put out illustrated books, comic versions, etc. that add value to the story but doing that requires resources and skills that I lack. I'll get into that in detail another time.

Now, as for the year to come, I'm going to change things up again. Start in the first week in June, and running through the end of the year, will be one story. This is going to be serialized at a rate of 1000 words (roughly) a week, so that by the end we've got a novella or novelette of about 32-33K words, and I won't write this like I did the others. I'm going to try a different method yet again, to see if this works better than previous approaches for my purposes. I'll take time next week to do a full and proper introduction.

I'm taking action to expand the reach of this 'blog now, facilitating ease of finding as well as following as best I am able at this time. In the weeks to come, I hope to see the fruits of these actions manifest.

Again: next week, a preview of the new story that will start in June. I may--but as yet can't promise--talk in depth of what I want to do to spread the stories serialized here to other avenues.

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