Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nearing the One Year Mark-Part 1

It's been almost a year since I launched the Chronicles. It's about time that I take a moment from serializing whatever story comes to mind and use it instead to take stock of things to date.

I am thankful that some of you read this blog regularly enough to make it worthwhile, in addition to the regular writing practice, to keep it going. You won't be disappointed; I fully intend to continue with the Chronicles as things go forward. However, starting in a few weeks, I will also begin collecting the stories published so far into complete manuscripts. What I intend to do with them is where you folks, those of you that read this blog regularly, can do more than just read if you like.

I intend to not just collect and republish these serialized stories, with the expected improvements to come from fixing errors previously missed, but to revise and rewrite each in turn to make them stronger. I've already chosen one of these for immediate attention, as there is a local convention in a few months and I want to be ready to pitch by then, but I want to know from you--the readers--which of the other stories that you want me to revise.

I picked the first one, "Stalker", in large part due to the protagonist. Ken has a strong iconic power that I think has a great deal of potential, and the milieu is one that allows for a lot of stories to be told. The combination is the strongest of the stories so far, and that means that it has the best chance right now to break through.

That leaves "Dawn of the Dragonsworn" and "Paladin" (which I intend to re-title, as I want to use that title for another, very different work). These two stories are where I played with length-per-post as well as length-per-story, shortening both. I want to know what works for you readers so I can make reading these serials more fun for you, so please, please tell me! I can't give you want you want unless and until you tell me what it is that you want.

The eventual goal is to take these stories and transform them into something worthy of publishing as a book or pamphlet. That means--in addition to rewriting them into far, far better stories--adding artwork and seeking additional outlets for both publishing as well as other ways to enjoy what you find here. This is where the process begins, but far from its end point; what you, my fans and readers enjoy, will play a part in what becomes a book, a comic, merchandise you can buy, etc.- so tell me what you want.

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