Thursday, July 5, 2018

Preparing For The Campaign: Comments Solicited

The campaign comes Soon (TM). Until it's over, the Thursday post will be about that. Serials will go over to Steemit, with another post giving out the link when that's ready, and get a brief exclusivity period before a repost here. As I finish preparations on the campaign's re-launch, I'll let you people know what's gone on over the week.

I've settled on a series and book title: "Star Knight Saga: Book One, Reavers of the Void". It took some A/B testing on Twitter to nail down that decision, but I'm glad I did it. That title and subtitle, coupled with the cover I've been brainstorming, should leave no doubt in anyone's mind as to what you're going to get when you pick up the book.

I'm waiting on my original character illustration, and with that I can finish the pitch video. The initial goal for the campaign, as before, is to build the capital required to hire the professional help I need to finish the book: editing, cover, etc. and unless you've got some math I need to know it's still set for $1000. Two sets of changes I'm mulling over are Pledge Levels and Stretch Goals; I want comments before I commit to them:

  • Pledge Levels: Simplified from before, at $5/$10/$25/$100. Respectively, and additively, you'd get: a copy of the book in MOBI or EPUB, thanked by name in the Afterword, a copy of the print book as it becomes available, a signed and numbered copy of the print book. The $100 level is limited to a maximum of 50 backers, and the others are unlimited. I have no resources to offer anything else at this time, so I found this to be as reasonable as I could be.
  • Stretch Goals: Starting at $2K, I commit to an additional book in the series, and I commit to one more at each additional $1K to a limit of $10K. (Note: That doesn't mean there will be a limit of 10 books in the series, but rather a commitment to at least that many.) Each backer gets the additional books in the form they pledged at (ebook for the first two tiers, print included at the top two tiers). I have one additional goal I am prepared to add if we reach $10,000.

In addition, I intend to launch a newsletter email list specific to this book series and keep the current one for my writing and publishing endeavors as a whole and I want that to launch when the campaign--success or failure--concludes. In short, I intend to copy what Nick Cole & Jason Anspach did for Galaxy's Edge as best I can going forward. It's a verified formula, so why not use it? I also am prepared to open a Discord server if there is sufficient demonstrable demand for it.

If you have any comments, suggestions, etc. put them below; I will visit this post over the days to come and permit comments as fast as I can to facilitate conversation.

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