Friday, June 2, 2017

The Dance Card To Date

Now that Cirvosa is open for submissions, this is what my dance card looks like for writing projects:

  • Anthology: Waiting for Jesse to get back to me.
  • Cirvosa: Time carved out this weekend to hammer one out.
  • Giant Robot: Still gathering ingredients; there's some world-building questions that need answering and I lack information required to do so, and those answers directly shape the plot's direction.
  • 10K Pots: I figured out how to write the damned thing. Answering that quest solved the structure problem for the book.

And that's not including the ongoing effort to learn the business side of writing, which why when I see posts like what Brian Niemeier put out today at his blog or what Russell Newquist the other day posted at his blog I pay attention and read it at least twice. Once I've got stuff to flog, I know that this will be necessary towards getting people to pay me for it.

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