Friday, June 30, 2017

Taking the Turtle Route: Slowly Working Towards Overnight Success

First: No dice at Cirsova; maybe next time, if I'm lucky enough to be invited to do so. Got a submission at Storyhack now, and I hope to get in there. Still waiting on Jesse; man's busier than I thought, but other anthology elements are coming along and I look forward to seeing the final product.

Second: My daily blogging (most of it at the main blog) has gotten me access to posting on the Superversive Press blog, two appearances on Geek Gab, and now a guest post on the Castalia House blog. I've gotten to a solid regular readership at the main blog, many of whom are also writers, bloggers, and gamers. This ground-up approach is working.

This one and Empire have smaller readership, but that's due to a combination of topics and frequency; daily posting in particular is a big contributor to building and maintaining readership. It's that readership that lead to the opportunities aforementioned, and this slow-but-steady pace is entirely mine; no one gifted it to me, so I owe no one but my audience anything, and that is important to me- this success, or failure, is wholly and entirely MINE. No one to blame, and no one to claim.

Which is why I will keep at this blogging. It's the daily writing habit that every successful writer insists is the basis for their success. Jesse Lucas launched PulpRev recently, and I'll be posting there when I can figure out what I can contribute. In the meantime, I'll put the finish on another short or two and get those out there- and yes, novel plans are still being worked out. (By the time I think I've got something I can handle, new info comes my way that has me reconsidering because said info is too good to ignore.)

Third: Gotta learn from the betters. So when masters show up where I can easily see or hear them I pay attention. This week that meant being there for Geek Gab: On The Books, where John C. Wright appeared and he talked with host Brian Niemeier (both award winners and successful writers) and talked shop. Embedded below.

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