Friday, April 7, 2017

"Blood Moon" Almost Ready For Beta Readers

The current draft of Lacann Pell and the Blood Moon of Rammagar will be finished this weekend, and when it's done I'll be looking for some folks to play Beta Reader before I give it three days to cool, then one more round of polish before I start considering my publication options. It's going to come out between 6000 and 7500 words; it's short, but readers should be able to see where the potential for either building this out into a novella or a novel (in the historic sense of about 50K words, not in the current Doorstopper Drek on the shelves) or to make this Part One of a larger novel-length work (ala Moorcock expanding Dent's formula to novels).

I'll start asking some of you if you're game to play the reader roll in a few days.

After I decide what to do (expand into larger work, make it Part One of an old-school serial, or just publish it as a stand-alone) and get on with doing that, I'm going to start digging through the (virtual) drawer to see what's worth my attention next.

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