Friday, February 19, 2016

There Are No Shortcuts to Good Writing

I despise stories that rely on characters doing stupid things to move the plot. Idiot Balls are fucking cancer, and I will have none of it, as I find it a reliable indicator of lazy writing.

As it is with Mary Sues, Idiot Balls are lazy because the trope goes "Because Fuck You, that's why." to any discerning viewer or reader questioning the verisimilitude of the character doing the Dumbass Dance.

The details matter. Show me, dammit.

You want to make me believe that your character would do the dumb thing? Put in the work showing me the flaws that make such a thing believable. You want me to believe that your character is a crack shot? Show me the practice, the prior performance, and other necessary qualities upon which such ability emerges from. Whatever it is, it doesn't come from nothing; show me where it comes from, and I will believe whatever your character says or does.

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