Friday, September 4, 2015

The Harp Incident-10

Epyon's superhuman power is what made our assault on the Squid's HAARP network a success. We exploited his healing power to ignore the usual limits of human effort that requires bodily rest and therefore the need to pace themselves to ensure that he had about 10 minutes every eight hours in one of our rest tanks to rest his brain enough to keep up with his body. Our teams could act as an anvil and he as the hammer upon which we beat the Squid into submission, and we did just that.

Our assets in the media got into line right quick, both mainstream and alternative, and ensured that we got the message out that the Squid agents were just that and they suckered the U.S. Establishment into being their pawns. This gave the Establishment an out, and they took it en masse, as our people came for Squid operatives deeply enmeshed into various agencies and programs throughout the Federal government as well as that of the several states.

There were hostage incidents, running gunfights, car chases, bombings, and many other incidents that revealed the Squid to be a criminal syndicate dedicated to terrorism as a fallback tactic when the shit hit the fan. Lots of innocent folks died, and they died in horrible ways. Fortunately we saved far more than otherwise would be killed due to Epyon's intervention at the last possible moment- a fact we ensured got into the narrative we put forth into the media.

Control, of course, put my team on the coordination and reserve unit detail. Rolling up this long-running enemy organization, now that we had its entire network revealed to us, was an opportunity that we could not pass up. It took a week of this, but we destroyed all of their arrays and put down or captured all of their members and assets. The governments and corporations comprising the Establishment, since they had that out, gladly complied. The holes in their organizations got filled within a month, barring special elections, so no lasting damage was done.

What did get noticed was the almost instantaneous reversion of weather patterns heretofore used to manipulate the population, especially government and corporate entities, into doing their will. The drought in California? Broken. The "polar vortex"? Gone, for good. The ice caps iced over, and any threat of a massive methane release ended within weeks. The threat of catastrophic climate change had ceased to be a thing, thanks in large part to Agency release of Squid intelligence regarding how this worked and why.

Control also authorized the release of all of the Squid technology that wasn't also held by us, pretty much to seal the deal with the Establishment that cooperating with us was better than not, and we got to retain our shadow status- Control even managed to maintain his own anonymity. Beyond the alphabet soup we remained, now that we made our deal; it had its bad sides, but we didn't care much for the current Chinese regime anyway and we knew that Russia was due to collapse soon also- no point in butting in there.

That said, there was significantly fallout and therefore cleanup operations to be had.

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