Friday, September 25, 2015

Administration Post for Q3 of 2015

As this post, I've finished my first novel-length manuscript. My first choice for a publisher passed on it. I am now resorting to my backup route, and furthermore I'm taking the 100K word (and more) manuscript and breaking it up into three smaller books--novellas or short novels--because each third is a distinct entity in its own right. It works better as a trilogy than a single stand-alone novel.

Which means that readership here is still below the threshold required to maintain this blog as it has been. I'm setting up at Amazon. By the end of this year I'll have at least one, and may well have three, books available through via Kindle- and later POD via Createspace. This blog will (a) go into archive mode for a time in 2016, followed by a cleanup and relaunch once the backlog is cleared.

The new version of this blog will be to include elements of the milieu that necessarily gets cut from the books I publish because they do are not fit for the purpose of efficient delivery of a literary narrative. In addition, I will use this blog to promote my books and related work. If you like the stories, get them now; after the turn of the year they're going away until I can clean them up and republish them as either entire books to themselves or part of an anthology.

Expect something more concrete when I get to the End of 2015 admin post.

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