Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nala Prime and the Great Bug War-19

Nala Prime and his team fled upward, where they swiftly dispatched the Bugs still within the Hive as they encountered them. Soon they linked up with Red Prime and his team, and as they cut their way through the waning—but fanatical—resistance within the Hive they found Blue and Yellow Prime’s breech point for exfiltration. One by one they made the climb out of the Hive and joined the latter two Primes on the roof, with Red Prime hosing down a few approaching bugs to cover the last man out: Nala Prime.

Red Prime pulled Nala Prime up and out, when Blue Prime pointed to the north. Nala and Red immediately grokked the situation.

“Into the air, now!” Nala Prime ordered. All of them stowed their personal weapons, drew the other baton and leapt into the air. Resolving and mounting their light jets, they fell into formation and flew up to see what came for them.

“It’s a massive Bug swarm.” Yellow Prime said, “I can’t make out the form of Bug.”

“It’s a new form.” Blue Prime said, making one of his leaps of logic, “This place wasn’t for us; it was for some other enemies of their elsewhere. That’s why we’ve not seen much from this Hive.”

“It won’t matter in a few moments.” Red Prime answered, “Shall we?”

“Hit it!” Nala Prime ordered, and Blue Prime detonated the explosives previously placed on the Hive’s pillars. Its structural supports shattered, the stilt-mounted Hive fell straight down into its own footprint and collapsed into a massive heap of chitinous ruins. Explosions from within ripped apart the husk, rending it asunder and causing a secondary collapse that leveled the former Hive into a pancake of insectoid remains.

Yellow Prime passed on a detailed scan of the incoming Bug swarm to the others. “Blue’s right- it’s an unknown form. All we can tell is that it’s closing in faster than other Flyer forms that we know, and they seem to possess some superior individual capabilities.”

“Such as?” Nala Prime said.

Red Prime took a look at the scans. “It’s a more conventional air formation. That’s not a massed swarm of a single type. That’s a conventional bomber formation with fighter escorts.”

The implications of that observation silenced them for a moment, and then Nala Prime spoke up once more.

“We’re done here. Recall protocols, now.” And they did, all the way to the Inner City.

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