Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nala Prime and the Great Bug War-18

Red Prime watched over Nala 4 via the scope on his rifle, while one of his copies watched over the hatchery as a whole. The other shadowed Nala 4, shrouded in stealth protocols and armed for close combat. The latter pair stalked through the dormant Bug eggs, crept up upon the closest of these alien technicians and quickly cut him down. The second approached at that moment, so the infiltrators threw their chakrams and cut him down, but the third could not be seen from their position. Red Prime and his copy couldn’t see the remaining technician either, and let Nala 4 know.

“Keep an eye out for that last one.” Nala 4 said, curtly, “We’ll set explosives; cover us.”

Nala 4 and the Red copy supporting him quickly cover the hatchery in explosives, and as the duo completes their demolitions work Nala 4 sees a blast from an unknown weapon burn through the Red copy’s chest from behind and deresolve him. Once under cover, Nala 4 linked to Red Prime.

“Can you see him?”

Red Prime and his copy scan the room, but don’t detect him. “Nothing. He’s either well under cover or stealthed.”

Nala 4 activated his own stealth and moved out. This was now a game of cat and mouse, of two parties silently maneuvering for position before attacking from ambush and assassinating their enemy. Nala 4 watched the room, looking for tells revealing one’s presence, heightening his senses to sensitize motion. Tense moments passed before Nala 4 detected alien footfalls faintly found in the floor, a trail Nala 4 then pursued, before those sensitive senses served him well at a critical moment.

Out of the corner of his eyes, Nala 4 caught a flash and brought up his chakram to shield himself in a split-second, deflecting away the deadly shot, and then dove for cover. He locked his eyes on that position, and then Red Prime began firing upon it. This forced the technician to break out of that place, and Nala 4—now attuned to what tells to watch for—noticed the technician's flight. With one throw of the chakram, the last technician went down.

“That’s finished.” Red Prime said, annoyed, “Let’s not see any more surprises.”

Nala 4 switched scanning modes, a hunch prompting him to do so. He scowled.

“The Bug eggs are awakening. Slowly, sure, but they’re going to start hatching soon.”

“Not this shit again.” Red Prime said, “So damned predictable. You know what to do.”
Nala 4 hurried back to Red Prime’s position, and with a button he detonated the explosives. The eggs immediately splattered about the chamber, and the Hive shook. Shortly thereafter, the surviving three got the signal from Nala Prime to exfiltrate- and with flames engulfing the chamber quickly, they needed no further reason to quit their position. Once more with rifles in hand, they fled the hatchery and moved to link up with Nala Prime.

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