Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nala Prime and the Great Bug War-09

Blue Prime watched the copies of Nala, Red, Yellow and Green resolve before him in the water. Once he satisfied himself of their integrity, he signaled for them to follow him ashore where they crept into a cave-like ruin.

“What’s our status?” Red said.

“The mission is still go.” Blue Prime said, “We are Section 3, and I am Blue Prime.”

Nala 3 smiled. “It worked.”

The others nodded, and then Green 3 asked “What is the status of the other sections?”

“Unknown.” Blue Prime said, “We’re under silence until the rendezvous point inside the Hive.”


The five members of Blue Prime’s Section 3 carefully negotiated their way to the Hive’s pillar base, where they took great care in planting and concealing a series of demolition charges keyed to a no-win remote trigger. While Blue Prime and Nala 3 focused on the charges, Red 3 took Green and Yellow 3 to intercept and dispatch Bug sentries before they could raise an alarm.

“Blue, we’re going to raise an alarm soon.” Nala 3 said, passing a charge, “If that leader is as I think it is, then it maintains contact with the drones. As soon as it notices that these drones are gone, we’re going to have company.”

“Understood.” Blue Prime said, setting the charge.

Nala 3 turned to the others. “Get ready for Fliers!”

Section 3 watched several groups of Fliers launch out of the Hive far up into the sky, but none of them descended towards them. Distantly, they noticed one dogfight going on that involved another section.

“Not yet.” Red 3 said, “But soon they’ll come for us.”

“Done.” Blue Prime said as he finished the final link in the set.

Just then, some ways above them, they saw one of the other sections blow a hole into the Hive.

“Ascension now!” Red 3 ordered, “There’s our door, so let’s get inside.”

Grabbing batons from their holsters, Section 3 resolved their personal bikes and, with a quick hack, shot up the side of the Hive as if on level ground. Green 3 saw some Fliers peel off to come for them and flashed a warning.

“Acknowledged.” Red 3 said, and then ordered “Let’s make some bows for them.”

All five bikes flicked on their light walls and rode in close formation, the brilliant walls revealing their location. The Fliers closed quickly, now seen as a group three times their number, and lacking any ranged attack forms.

“Point-Defense Protocol!” Red 3 bellowed, and he—along with the others—drew their chakrams from their back sheaths and energized them. As the lead Flier dove to attack, they threw their weapons; all five, unerringly, struck and sliced through the gigantic flying insect before returning to their hands. A few more flew in, and as one got shredded in the same manner two more got lured into the bikes’ light walls and crashed.

“Not long now.” Nala 3 said.

Just then, one of the other section strafed the attacking Fliers from his light jet- and caused one to crash into the light wall left in his wake while shooting down many more. The hole in the Hive fast approached, and the Point-Defense system held off the attacking Fliers as Section 3 breached the Hive one-by-one.

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