Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nala Prime and the Great Bug War-08

Nala crept into a well-concealed position on the outskirts of the Old World ruins and then signaled to the others: “Nala Prime to Special Team Sections, report in.”

Concealed hull-down in an overgrown brush: “Green Prime, standing by.”

Concealed under a camouflage protocol deep within the ruins: “Yellow Prime, standing by.”

Just under the water in the large, freshwater lake: “Blue Prime, standing by.”

Standing outside a work gang in the ruins, Red said “Red Prime, standing by.”

Nala looked at the map superimposed over his vision, showing the five of them spread out evenly around the Hive, and with each of them ready to execute their part of the plan.

“All sections, resolve and attack!”

Nala activated the backups, resolving copies of Special Team 1 about him. He turned to them, gave each of them a quick evaluation for integrity, and smiled- it worked.

“This is Section 1, and you are Special Team 1. I am Nala Prime, and we are to continue the mission.”

“Understood.” The copies of Special Team 1 nodded, and then Red asked “What’s our status?”

“Hive’s there.” Nala said, pointing to it, “Diversions are in place and underway, and under cover of those diversions we’ll slip into the Hive and rendezvous with our reinforcements before moving on to the objective. Then we hack the enemy leader’s mind, set the Hive to blow and then exfiltrate.”

“Hitting as a unit?” Yellow asked, and Nala nodded.

Blue looked at Nala with a crocked eyebrow, but before he spoke he looked at himself and the others of Special Team 1.

“What’s our designation, Nala Prime?” Blue asked.

“Section 1. You are all Section 1.”

“You did it, didn’t you?” Blue 1 said, “We’re copies, but the originals aren’t dead. What did you agree to designate us?”

“Each copy appends the section number to their name.”

“So,” Green said, shocked, “You’re the original Nala.”

“No.” Nala Prime said, “I am the first Nala. Each of you are the perfect copies of the first Special Team 1. Should you survive, and the Prime not, you become the Prime.”

Yellow 1 then spoke up. “Nala Prime, what if none of us make it?”

Blue interjected right then. “If he worked with the First Founder for this project, and this is a field test, then lab tests already occurred and succeed. The First Founder isn’t about to let such a man be lost to mortality like that.”

Nala Prime nodded. “I can’t confirm or deny that he did so, but if I know the Old Man as well as I think I do, then he probably did back all of us up. However, unless he remotely synced with us, those backups will lack our knowledge.”

“Irrelevant. We’re immortal.” Red said, “That has consequences, Nala Prime.”

“We’ll see.” Nala Prime said, as he—along with the others—took notice of the Hive sending out Fliers to deal with the sudden explosions denoting the other sections making their moves. “Move out!”

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