Friday, July 21, 2017

Audiobooks, Castalia Signs McCarthy, & My Updates

First: Brian Niemeier's "On The Books" had Jim Fear on this week to talk about audiobooks. The show went well into the topic, which means that it dealt with the business of the matter and what it means for you, Mr. Indie Author, as it gives you an opportunity for your book to produce yet another revenue stream. This one's well worth your time.

Second: Tara McCarthy, one half of "Virtue of the West" (w/ Brittany Pettibone, also an author w/ her twin sister of Hatred Day), signed a contract with Castalia House. Her first book is Irreplacable: How And Why We Must Save The West and the link will take you to a page where you can opt-in for email notifications.

Third: Now that Astounding Frontiers is live, I know of five outlets that are friendly to all things Pulp, Superversive, and pro-Puppy (i.e. anti-SJW and the Pink Slime fake SF/F crap that SJWs produce). (The others being Lyonesse, Sci-Phi Journal, Story Hack, and Cirsova.) This is good news. I can only hope that (a) these succeed beyond the wishes of their founders and (b) more come online as the marketplace for non-converged stories once more shows itself.

Fourth: The anthology is still in the editors' hands, so I have nothing else I can say at this time. As for my own projects, I've gone over my novel manuscript and picked it apart. Revising has begun, using everything I've learned since I wrote that thing to make the work into something good that sells. The revision's objective is to produce three not-fat-fucking-tomes (so, around 60K words) and release them in quick succession. Cut material will either be put up here or reworked into shorts (initially intended to be offered to the above outlets) before being collected and published in a volume. Once I have a manuscript done, I'll get more in detail about this.

Oh, and I may throw out another post this weekend with some stuff I'm thinking of cutting.

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