Friday, November 25, 2016

A Fragment From The End of Time

I have no idea where this is going, or where it's been, so I'm putting it here for now until I do.

Here I am, falling through the sky, as if a meteor striking the Earth. Below is a great battle for the ages, the culmination of the greatest war in the history of Mankind. It's not looking good at the moment, but I see the enemy clearly before me. I see my allies, struggling to hold the line against the tide. The mightiest heroes, vilest villains, wielding powers terrible and sublime while deploying wondrous weapons unseen in ages and undreamed of before now, are in that decisive moment where all is decided.

I ride neither steed nor vehicle. I wear no armor. I've shaped the very forces of nature to be my shield, turning the certain incineration of reentry into my firey aegis. My presence cannot go unnoticed by those below, and already I hear chatter confirming so. I know that the heroes below sense that this brilliant meteor is me coming home at last.

It began with a girl, a mugging, and a back-alley brawl. Then breakthroughs in technology, the revelation of alien life, the rise of a new heroic age, adventures only dreamed of as a boy made real as a man, and then war and victory and death. Now, at the end of all things, I come home one last time.

The sparks flying away from me are my tears of joy burnt away. I am come home, and I bring victory with me, for behind me is the host of the honored dead, and this is Ragnarok. Ours is the final impact. Flee, me friends, and let us finish the drive. Leave it to us! We'll let none survive.

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