Friday, March 4, 2016

That Face When You See How Badly You Need to Rewrite

Judgement of Solador needs revision something fierce. I knew that months ago. I reviewed the manuscript recently, and narrative structure flaws leaped off the page and beat me about my face like a chimp strung out on smack.

I said months ago that it had to be re-written into a trilogy. Now I see why, as I completely fucked up the execution of the core premise for the story: that Omelas's "forsaken child" works better as a dehumanized celebrity idol, worshipped as a public hero (and upon whom all expectations get heaped, and blame shifted for failure), and considered to be no more than a fleshbot to be used up and replaced by his superiors.

The first few drafts maintained the premise, but failed to really bring it out and work it to its conclusion. I now see that I need to expand the story to accomplish that goal, and then to finish the story I need to build out to a trilogy; the first book runs with the premise straight, the second twists it in one plot thread while presenting the counter, and the third takes the counter to its conclusion.

If I can do as least as well as other recent dystopic trilogies, I'll be happy.

If I can do this better (my actual objective), I'll be elated.

And the only awards I care about say "Pay to the Order Of" and "I Want More Booky-Books From YOU!"

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