Friday, June 26, 2015

Administration Post for Q2 of 2015

As of this post, I'm deep into the novel manuscript. I'm on the final draft before I start doing the submission lottery (and, simultaneously, get on with the self-publishing option). Overall statistics remain steady, which is Not Good Enough; if there isn't a significant uptake in audience or engagement by the end of the year I'm shutting this blog down.

The other option, which I am considering, is a wholesale reformation. Now that I've been made aware of tools for self-publishing that are within my grasp (and thus cutting down the need for outside funding), I will consider over the latter half of this year taking this blog down for a time so I can complete reformat it as a front for self-publishing my work.

It's an option, should no traditional house or literary agent care to take up the novel manuscript. One way or another, I will get into this game; if I have to build up from ashes and dust, so be it.

As for this year, the next serial--The Harp Incident--begins next week.

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