Friday, February 6, 2015

The Boy Who Burned the World-06

The chaos that erupted was the signal that the boy, now thinking of himself as Lord Cygnus, gave to his inhuman patron. As open warfare consumed the great cities of the world, as guerilla warfare ripped apart gendarmes and soldiers as well as partisans across the countrysides and wildernesses, a turbulent Lord Cygnus made his way to New York City by means of his magical powers and emerged atop the new World Trade Tower. There he sacrificed a hapless grandson of a Senator he'd imprisoned previously to power a ritual conducted on December 21st of the year, and as the winter winds and snow blew about him he completed the great task he so longed for.

"Great Incinerator! Come forth, deploy your legions, and bring the lie of all time to an end."

Meteors appeared out of nowhere in the sky, raining down in numbers uncountable, and Cygnus--for the first time in his life--laughed as he saw what was the invasion of the world by his master's minions. The meteors crashed through the massive skyscrapers, showering the streets below with more debris than already littered Manhattan due to the ongoing fighting, and plowed through the streets into the subway tunnels below. There the rocky remains arose and formed into giant-sized humanoid filled with flame and radiating forge-like heat and attacked whatever its alien eyes glanced at. The fighting shifted to the new, alien threat and the media coverage--such as it was--ensured that the small section not actively engaged in some form of civil warfare got engrossed with the carnage caused by this new threat.

In the waning hours before the modern world shattered and collapsed, Internet fandom of Lord Cygnus reached its peak and revealed its insanity as a true cult devoting to something destructive and inhuman. The praise for the rain of fire and the massive death and destruction could not be shut up and so the remaining Internet administrators and technicians cut and ran instead of confronting this insanity. Few escaped the cities, and fewer endured much longer than that due to a lack of planning and awareness of the situation. This same fate befell many more who attempted to flee the cities of the world, and the presence of Mankind on the face of the world burned up much like the civilization that they so took for granted.

Once the burning, the genocide, and the suffering of the Rain of Fire (as it would be called) subsided Lord Cygnus stood before the giant-sized alien who mentored him all these years.

"Lord Cygnus, let it be known that I am a master who rewards loyalty and appreciates the effort of his subordinates. You have done as I asked, and without question or hesitation. Come, take your reward."

The alien held forth a goblet filled with a glowing viscous fluid. The boy now known as Lord Cygnus took it with both hands, and without so much as a hint of hesitation he beamed with joy and quaffed it down.

"You belong amongst us." his master said as he collapsed to the floor and convulsed violently. His body reshaped itself once more, growing taller and larger, his eyes taking on a sickly green hue and leathery wings erupting from his back at the shoulderblade. His fingers and toes shaped into talons, and his face took on angular aspects. A green aura, flickering like flame, emanated about his person. Teeth shaped themselves into canine incisors and his tongue forked like a serpent. His hair burned off utterly, and his flesh hardened into a scaly flesh.

"Rise, Lord Cygnus. Rise, Chosen of the Great Incinerator."

The last remnants of Chester Lame died in those horrific, painful moments of transformation. Only Lord Cyngus, now revealed in his true form, remained, Cygnus the Dragon- king of the new world.

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