Friday, September 26, 2014

Administration Q3 for 2014

There will be one more serial for 2014, which will begin next Friday and on the established update schedule thereafter- ending the week before Christmas. During this time, however, I am also writing my third novel and inquiring as to the viability of making a pitch now (as in "before the end of the year") or holding off for 2015. While you won't see anything different, consider that this may be the last year where four original stories on a weekly basis is the norm for this blog. Should the novel sell, I will refocus towards that and let this blog slide down in priority.

Readership is steady. Traffic sources, flows, and rates remain constant and consistent; reach and audience, therefore, is also consistent and constant. I am now inclined, after doing this for five years, to make the transition from hobby to professional; this is what the novel attempt is about- taking concepts and ideas first developed here and making them into a commercially-viable novel. If you've enjoyed any of what I write here, then you will like the novel and I encourage you to (a) tell your friends and (b) keep your eyes peeled as I'll use Admin posts here to keep all of you abreast on developments.

If the novel hits, then this blog's new status will be purely experimentation coupled with informational and promotional posts regarding novels, appearances, etc. I may also ask for Beta readers when I am ready to do so, and that may be as early as the end of this year.

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