Friday, June 28, 2013

Administration 2013 Post for Q2

The conclusion of The Vault Incident and this post today marks the end of the second quarter of 2013 for the Chronicles, and the transition from Spring to Summer here. As I mentioned in the last Administration post, I had a few things going on. The biggest of them--graduate school--ended about a month ago when I defended my Master's Thesis and completed the Master of Liberal Studies program. I've done a few other, not-writing, things of importance (including revising work-related profiles and beginning to look for work) since then.

I did make the submissions deadline for the Sword & Laser anthology as well as the MISFITS Writing Contest. I haven't heard back from either yet, and with regards to the latter I expect that I did not get into the final group of winners yet again since they are announced at CONvergence (which I will attend next weekend). As for the former, I know that they're just swamped and so it's well within the period of time for a start-up like this to sift through them and accept or reject. I know enough about this process to be thrilled to get any response whatsoever, so I will proceed apace with other projects in the meantime.

As for HitRECord, it's attractive but far more friendly to video and audio than written contribution due to the nature of the medium commonly used (streaming a/v). Still under consideration at this time, but I'm wondering if that outlet would be a worthwhile use of my time.

The other thing I mentioned, about finally compiling these stories and putting in the work needed to make them into something that a critical mass of people would actually spend real money to purchase, is--to be honest--a daunting task that has me a little scared to take on. That's also what keeps me from fleeing from it screaming like a young Jamie Lee Curtis into the night.

So, what's left for 2013? Well, next week I will have a new post-Flames story about Ken. That will run through July, August and September. I'll let you folks know what's left for 2013 when I get to the Q3 Administration post. If you have any requests, post them below.

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