Friday, April 19, 2013

The Vault Incident-03

Alan 1 brought up the video of the quarantine cell holding the prisoner. Robert stood there, stunned, as he beheld the image before him: a demon, a classic bat-winged giant-sized humanoid figure straight out of Old World mythology, with a hideous visage and a palpable sense of power emanating off of it.

“The entity is in our largest cell, formerly used for virulent hive-mind infectors prior to the most recent cycle of sanitization.” Alan 1 said, “You two and myself are the only authorized individuals here; not even the security constructs are allowed. This entity’s capacities are unknown, and I advised the Council that its capture seemed too easy.”

“I concurred.” Alex said, “I examined the records after the fact, and even that process seemed far more dangerous than ordinarily the case. I requested sealing them for the time being, and the Council agreed.”

“Do you claim that this entity is so dangerous that even knowledge of it, below a given threshold, is actively dangerous to the integrity of the system’s constructs and operations?” Robert said.

“Correct.” Alan and Alex said, in a creepy unison voice.

“Then I must interrogate immediately. I know where the cell is, so all I need is for everyone not vital to operations in that sector to be cleared out immediately.”

“Acknowledged.” Alan 1 said.

* * * * *

Robert and Alex transferred directly to the cellblock containing the prisoner.

“That’s your plan?” Alex said.

“The plan is deliberately kept simple.” Robert said, “It will not survive contact with the enemy, so it is not wise to spend more than a minimal amount of time or resources on it. Instead, it is wise to put down a large and diverse reserve and be prepared to improvise contingencies as needed. Problems are dynamic environments, and as conditions shift so do the best actions to deal with them, so that is why Engineers spend time mastering the skills necessary to do so effectively and efficiently. Once the matter is resolved, and the situation stabilized, that is the time to introduce conventional approaches.”
Robert and Alex arrived at the cell.

“Let me do the talking.” Robert said, “I need you to be the credible threat of immediate violence, and that’s best done when the threat is a silent one.”

“Acknowledged.” Alex said, “I concur with your general assessment.”

The door opened, and the demon’s aura of power washed over them immediately.

“Come in.” it said, “It’s lonely in here, and the master of the house isn’t a talkative one.”

Robert and Alex stepped inside. Alex put her chakram in hand and stood by the door while Robert approached, and saw that this demon was indeed a massive giant of a thing. Its wings had been shredded into useless appendages, and the ram-like horns about its skull likewise had been damaged into useless protrusions, but he felt its malice fill the room- this demon was by no means helpless.

“Identify.” Robert said.

“Nephalim, usurper.”

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