Friday, March 29, 2013

Administration 2013 Post for Q1

Today is the end of the Chronicles' first quarter for 2013 A.D., and with this one-week interim period I see it necessary to take a moment to post about the status of the Chronicles.

In my everyday life, I am a Master's Candidate at Metropolitan State University. This semester is the end of my time in the program (I hope), so the time I have to spend on this project is severely reduced until I reach the end of this semester, turn in my final Master's Thesis and present my defense before the faculty committee. Fortunately for you, readers, this time end the week of April 30th--five weeks from now--and as such you need not worry about the updates not happening on schedule for much longer.

Given my time constraints, this is what's going to happen. The next serial, as usual, starts next Friday. I will automatically schedule updates at least through the next five weeks, and advancing through to the end if time allows. This will be Quarter 2, going into June; Q3 goes into September, and Q4 to end of the year.

In addition, there will be additional Chronicles output once my academic obligations are fulfilled. The Sword & Laser podcast has an open call for submissions going right now, and I will contribute an original entry to that effort. Another will be done for the Geek Partnership Society Writing Contest. Additional ones will be done as I have time and accurate information to act upon them, such as at Joseph Gorden-Levitt's HitRECord.

Then comes the real project, which is to take a number of these stories serialized here and collect them into a single volume--after a round of revision and editing--that I can then seek funding for via crowd-sourcing sites such as Kickstarter, once I can estimate the budget that I would need to acquire the necessary illustrations, layout and set-up for PDF/Kindle/etc. e-pub formats as well as Print On Demand. (Yes, I am learning from the mistakes of others; I won't even entertain the idea until I have complete manuscript ready to go, so this would be strictly for illustration, layout and other parts that I can't do entirely by myself.)

As for the remainder of 2013's serializations, I will have a new post-Flames story about Ken in Q3 or Q4, so fans of the zombie-eating mutant will wait; the next story will be another look at the Esoteric Engineers and the Sky-Blue Republic, and how they deal with certain kinds of troubles.

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