Friday, October 5, 2012

The South American Incident-07

Ken wired his spoofer into the landline. He scanned his surroundings for hostiles as the device did its work, and when it finished its work a light tone told Ken that he had a secure connection. Using an old telephone lineman’s kit, he called Marisol.


“Marisol, it’s Ken.”

“Ken? The telecom company’s number came up on the Caller I.D. reader. How-“

“You know that I won’t answer that question, so don’t finish it. Where I am, and how I got to you, is better kept to myself.”

“Why the secrecy? You can trust me.”

“You, yes, but I don’t trust the environment we’re in Marisol. I’m staying hidden for your protection far more than for my own.”

“Considering all that’s said about you in the press, especially online, I find that hard to believe. You have no less than a score of fan pages on Facebook alone.”

“That is part of the problem.” Ken said, “Your husband told me that I’d attracted the attention of more than a few spooks, especially the C.I.A., and South America is regarded internationally as the backyard of the U.S. so I expect some backlash from the Agency.”

Just then, Ken heard another phone pick up.

“You would be correct.” The Colonel said, “My contacts tell me that American officials with State Department credentials are all over the region talking with prominent government officers, civil and military alike. Others, without diplomatic cover, are known to be talking to what’s left of the big syndicates.”

“So far, you’ve not been noticed in American media, but that could change.” Marisol said.

Ken chuckled. “The regional Station Chiefs are arguing over if I’m a useful asset or not, which is why things quieted down.”

“You think so?” Marisol said.

“No, he is right.” The Colonel said, “I told the other girls to get beyond American reach.”

"That’s difficult.” Ken said, “There isn’t much space left in the world where the Agency has no assets handy to do what it wants, due to its long-standing relationships with allied agencies as well as a lack of friendly places to go.”

“True, my friend, which is why they’re going to Russia. I have an old friend there that owes me a favor, so they will be well-cared for there.”

Marisol gasped.

“Cold War remnants have their uses, my dear.”

Ken chuckled.

“So, that—again—just leaves the little one.” Ken said, “Marisol, Colonel, I would advise you to prepare for her abduction.”

“What do you mean?” Marisol said.

“The real power in this scheme will come forth now to attempt to fix things himself. He will see you two as the weak links, and will get to you through your daughter. He will use the best men available and he has plenty of quality operatives; he will get to her.”

“What will you do?” The Colonel said.

“Track her, find him, kill them all and bring your daughter home to you- as I promised you.”

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