Sunday, August 19, 2012

Administrivia for End-of-Summer 2012

Greetings, readers.

This week is an off week. The last serial is complete, and yet another has yet to start. I intend to fix that by next Friday, when I intend to start another serial that will go through the Autumn and into Winter. After that will be a few end-of-year posts looking back, and a new serial will begin on the first Friday of 2013.

After considerable experimentation with post lengths, serial lengths, and so on since I launched this 'blog back in June of 2009 I have finally settled on a format that works best for me in terms of both post and serial length.

Corinth's Consolidated Chronicles will now standardize around four serialized short stories of approximately 6000 words apiece, with each post averaging 500 words. This comes out to four stories running 12 posts each. With each post publishing on Friday morning of each week, that means that you will get a new serial update right around lunchtime each Friday to help you ease yourself towards the weekend and rev up that engine to enjoy your weekend. 48 out of every 52 weeks will just like that, and I will use the other four weeks for posts like this.

In addition, I have something new to ask of you, my readers. I want you to tell me, by sending me an email or leaving a comment to this post, what serialized story you would most like to see taken up and revised into either a novel-length form or incorporated into a collection that total up to a novel-length book. I will announce what story or stories are most requested at the end of this year, and thereafter work on getting that done so that you can read it on your Kindle, Nook, or other e-book reader of choice (and, as soon as I can, do Print On Demand).

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