Saturday, March 10, 2012


Ken and the Sheriff went back to Reginald and Kathy’s place for dinner that night, and after Kathy put the kids to bed the four of them discussed the matter.

“You’re thinking that we’re looking for a photographer?” Kathy said.

Ken nodded. “Would you think twice about a man claiming to work for one of the big news agencies, not talking to many people about many things, but sticking to the big story around here?”

“So, a man who doesn’t go looking for targets? He’s taking pictures of his fellows’ corpses, their ruined bikes, and so on?” Reginald said.

“He’s also taking photos of the militia, my deputies, and no doubt myself.” The Sheriff took a swig on his beer, “So, I assume that, if this guy is as good as we think he is, he already has photos of Ken and likely has some idea of what the territory looks like.”

Kathy looked at each of the three men about her, all combat veterans, and saw the same serious look. “Should I start calling the other ladies, to warn them?”

The men glanced at each other. “Yes.” Reginald said, “Do that. You know that the Andersons’ eldest is up this late, so call them right away and leave a message.”

Kathy got up and made that call. “I think we can still cripple this guy’s operations, but first we need to flush him out.”

“How?” Reginald said, curious.

“This is what I propose.” Ken said, quick to answer, “Let’s have ourselves a media event, where we allow plenty of photography, and show off the evidence of our success to date. All three of us are to attend, demonstrating that a united community—symbolized by the three of us—can overcome far, far larger criminal organizations. We keep the area, inside and out, under surveillance. When we find our guy, we close in and take him.”

“You’re not worried at all about this turning into a firefight, are you?” The Sheriff said.

Ken shook his head. “They’re all adults. They know the risks.”

Reginald sighed. “Given what we’ve got to work with, I can’t say either of us can come up with a better plan.”

“Especially since this guy’s looking for us, and our usual haunts. Taking a chance to get all of us at once? No way he’ll pass it up."

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