Friday, December 9, 2011


Ken followed Guiscard back to the man’s office, and sat himself in a chair.

“I can’t believe that you’re not dead yet.” Guiscard said, his astonishment showing, “Not only did I hear about your little adventure in Brazil, but also the details from my sources down south. You single-handedly destroyed a cocaine processing plant, hacked apart the cartel’s ruling committee with a machete, torched an entire region’s coca plantations, waged a war against its enforcement arm- and that was before they shot you.”

Ken’s ears perked up. “How did you hear about the cartel’s committee meeting? Those details were kept out of the press.”

“Sources.” Guiscard said.

Intelligence sources.” Ken countered, “CIA sources, specifically, but being ex-Legion you’d not be that picky about your associations now- would you?”

Guiscard gave Ken that look of disbelief, and Ken threw a picture on the desk- one of Guiscard and another man, a Brazilian from the lower classes.

“Stephan would send his regards, if he were still alive.”

Again, the Algerian sighed. “He never could fit into French civil society.”

“And you could? Or do you live closer to Quebec than France or Algeria for kicks?”

“Enough. Why are you here?”

Los Zetas. They hooked up with an outlaw club, and they’re looking to run dope through this county. The Sheriff’s not keen on that going on.”

Guiscard smiled. “Ah, yes. The Angels club, the chapter based out of the Cities. Ken, that Sheriff hasn’t told you the full picture. Since I value keeping my doors open more than I do making a tidy profit, and I know full well what happens should you come again while doing your man-on-a-mission thing, I’m going to bet on you this time.”

Ken kicked back. “I’m listening.”

“The Sinaloa Cartel and the Zetas fight for control of North America’s drug networks. Both of them are reaching out to American and Canadian syndicates, looking to make strategic alliances that spread their networks across the continent. Los Zetas secured the Texas Syndicate’s allegiance, and that in turn brought in several associated outlaw clubs- including the Hell’s Angels. The Sinaloa Cartel then got an alliance with MS-13 in turn, and now both cartels are swiftly making networks out of associations. They’ll soon sew up firm continental networks, and that makes the current warfare in Mexico nothing in comparison to what will come."

“The Feds?”

“Your Federal Government is less than worthless. They’re involved. They trained the founders of the Zetas. They’re allied to the Sinaloa. They’re playing both sides to screw you out of what freedom you think you have.”

Ken nodded. “Great. Now, how does that work here?”

“The Cities chapter of the Hell’s Angels club are about to link up with a cross-border group that specializes in smuggling across the U.S.-Canada border.”

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