Thursday, March 31, 2011

Prologue: A Magic-User Speaks

Child, do not be fooled. Before the Azure Flames burned away the Old World, magic did exist. It was weak, suppressed, concealed, but present nonetheless. Even in the last days, when knowledge of it exploded, few believed and even fewer practiced what skills we could master. Those few that did believe, and did practice, were amongst those few who endured the Flames and emerged greater than they were before.

For a time, we flourished unchecked. Even if we were but reflections of the raw might of the Necromancer, or of the Archmage, the Master of the Stone or other figures that transcend fame and infamy we nonetheless were the vanguard of the rebirth of magical mastery amongst mortal men. We once more assumed our old places of prominence amongst our fellows, as we could command the respect of entities fair and foul alike that did not otherwise deem of worthy of consideration, and we wielded powers inaccessible even to the mightiest titans of industry within ourselves without need of tools or devices. Our knowledge, as we knew, gave us power and we used it to put ourselves over the many that could not or would not do as we did to adapt to the new world.

You know, child, of the Sons of Ken. You know of how they harried, harassed, stalked and slew many of us for nothing more than the fact that they fed off the power we had mastery over. Though now we co-exist, know that you will never be acceptable to them so put away all notions now of friendship- and don't even think about their women, as they are no less dangerous despite being otherwise like us.

Turn instead to the mastery of our arts and sciences. Learn to master your greater senses, now that you've gained access to them and transcended the common stock from which you spawned. Now see the individual motes that flow through the streams of power, and learn what one can do with just one mote of power. Now hear the natural rhythms of this power, how they wax and wane, and attune yourself to that sensation. Master the mysteries of frequency, and so much of the ancient secrets of sorcery will unfold before you as your minds expands to contain the truths of how Creation itself lives and breathes.

Our way is one of knowledge, not mere training. It is not enough to learn how to use this spell, that ritual or the very devices that brought you before me this day--and though I am long passed from this plane of flesh, before me you are nonetheless; this too is an application of frequency--but you must master the principles that govern it all and then master the techniques that allow you to wield your will to make Creation do as you will. We are not simple spell-casters and ritual-workers, but engineers of Creation itself; your pursuit of oratory and music are as important as your study of physics and chemistry, because only through the honing of the whole of body and mind will you develop the capacity to master magic as we alone have done.

This is the way of the Masters of the Sky-Blue Kingdom, the Lords of the Inner City, and you my child are now my apprentice. You have already entered yourself into the gatekeeper's register. Step upon the encircled dais and proclaim your readiness to the monitor. I await you on the other side.

--Roger M. Ire, Immortal Master Magus-Engineer of the Academy and First Founder of the Twin Cities of the Sky-Blue Kingdom.

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