Thursday, November 11, 2010

Legacy of the Hero: The Last Meets the First-23


Albinos are not welcome in many communities, for they are believed to be mutations made by the remnants of the Dark Lords. Gish is one such unfortunate, conceived in shame by a willful girl whose pride would not allow her to listen to the wisdom of her elders and a cunning, predatory man who used honeyed words to lead such prey astray. Once gotten with child, she fled her family and found herself the slave of a cult devoted to the Dark Lords- a deception so devastating that it broke her will utterly, which is just what her seducer wanted all along.

Upon birth, both mother and father rejected Gish as disfavored. No sooner had they cried out their disgust and horror than an ambitious high priest claimed Gish and put him to suckle at the breast of a wet nurse. Neither of them ever saw Gish again, much to everyone’s benefit. Instead, Gish became one of a cadre of children within the cult trained from infancy to master sword and spell. As these were two known pursuits that required the utmost dedication, the high priest employed techniques older than the Dark Lords to ensure total dedication and obedience. Men of good character would call these methods horrific child abuse coupled with mind control methodology.

Gish grew into a well-mannered, well-educated, well-trained and well-managed servant of the cult. Devoted to He Who Shines Brightest in Twilight, a figure said to’ve almost gained mastery of all of Creation from the Creator twice (only to have it ripped from his grasp at the last moment, producing the two big disasters of water and fire). He also grew into a ruthless killer, liar and confidence man- by the time he came of age, he had either slain or witnessed the sacrifices of all of his cohort and became the right-hand man of his foster-father.

Twilight is said to be dangerous because it is the liminal space between Sun and Moon- and only the Twilight Son can be trusted. Gish is not an exception to this old say of the Solar and Lunar nations; the trio of Zacharion, Yearling and Sihaya are about to find out why this is so.

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