Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dawn of the Dragonsworn-Part 12

Homsar, Zuzu and the Dark Spear marines fought their way through another line of defense, leaving scores of slain Dragonsworn thralls in their wake. The stench of death choked the halls of the Dragonsworn fortress, and yet more thralls could be heard ahead readying yet another futile defensive line. Contact began with exchanges of fire from semi-portable beam projectors and then smaller hand-held blasters before the marines advanced into range to charge the line and hack the defense apart with their keen-edge space axes. Not one of the marines--nevermind Homsar or Zuzu--feared their foes, for the beams arrayed against them were too weak to bring down the personal screens on their armored suits and none of the thralls posed any threat to them in close combat.

Yet they came, in their dozens and scores, and in their dozens and scores those scaled soldiers soon slumped- slain by firey beams of death and destruction or butchered by hard-hitting axes wielded by hard-fighting combat veterans. No, far from being concerned the marines and their leaders began laughing at them, holding them in contempt. For them, this was easy work.

"Nothing at all like dislodging them from MacDougal's Rock!" Zuzu said, cackling, "Oh no, this is more like following-up a break in their morale."

Yet Homsar remained mindful, knowing his enemy. "They're weak, but the Dragon isn't out of tricks yet."

Just then, a series of pain-induced shrieks echoed through the halls over the din of the slaughter and the remaining thralls broke and fled. The marines, without thought, cut them all down before realizing that they just killed unarmed and defeated enemies.

"Shake it off, men." Zuzu said, "Something worthy approaches."

As the marines reformed their lines, they saw a handful of giant lizard-like humanoids who barely fit into the halls approach them. Zuzu motioned for fire to commence, and it did, to little effect other than to annoy them.

Homsar turned to Zuzu, and with a meaningful look then nodded. Then Zuzu pointed to the ceiling, and half the beamers dropped the roof on these mishapen beasts while the other half blasted new corridors around them to circumvent the problem.

"He's not changed." Homsar said, "Still thinking like he's in a story, and that I'm obliged to fight on his terms."

Zuzu looked on at the collapsed tunnel. As the men moved into the detour, one of the beasts managed to get its head out of the rubble. Zuzu prompted hacked it off. Homsar executed a second as it emerged, and together the two quickly dispatched them all before catching up.

"Well, that's another 'Throw the big guys at them!' trick thwarted." Zuzu said, "These idiots never learn."

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